Transsexuals heartfelt job plea

A heartfelt appeal for a job has gone out from a man trapped in a woman’s body.

Born Joely Hughes, but now changed by deed poll to Ryan, the 26-year-old transsexual from Evesham is urging employers to give him a chance after suffering verbal abuse and discrimination when applying for jobs.

Ryan said: “I’ll take any kind of a job. Not working is making me so depressed. At the last job interview I was told: I don’t think we want anyone like you around here,’ It’s blatant discrimination I know, but I just shrugged it off. I would really love to train as a carpenter, or work as a welder because I’ve got qualifications for that, but I need someone to give me a chance.

“I am used to having my leg pulled, especially when I work as a part-time bouncer, so that would be no problem.”