Transsexuals want equal coverage – By Kevin Landrigan, Telegraph Staff

Concord ? Gerri Cannon, a transsexual from Merrimack, said it?s unfair she?s been unable to get hormone treatment in preparation for, and after, surgery that changes her from male to female.

?I?m not looking for special benefits,? Cannon told the House Commerce Committee Monday.

?The only difference is I am listed as a genetic male for insurance purposes.?

Cannon, and seven others in various stages of changing their sex, backed legislation to mandate that insurance companies cover hormone replacement therapy treatments.

Mikayla Howden, 49, said she always struggled with sexuality as a husband and parent of four children.

?I saw a man with a beard and my brain didn?t match what I saw in the mirror,? said Howden of Concord, who spent $15,000 to have the surgery two and a half years ago.