Transvestite troubadour a sucker for the tall, possessive type

Cross-dressing crooner Izam has shocked Japanese sensibilities through marriage once again, moving from a squeaky voiced ex-spouse to tying the knot with squeaky clean actress Miho Yoshioka, who’s already three months pregnant, screams Shukan Josei (11/28).

Izam, who fronted the mid-’90s visual band Shazna, was introduced to the thespian in November last year by a mutual friend, and the singer-cum-director and Yoshioka began dating in secret shortly afterward.

The couple are not yet living together, but are apparently spending much of their time looking for a place to live.

Yoshioka, 26, reportedly enjoys cooking and apparently went over to Izam’s apartment to make meals for him on a number of occasions.

“When I’m cooking something I like, I go into my own dream world,” Shukan Josei quotes her telling a magazine interview.