UAE police hunt cross-dressers – From correspondents in Dubai

Emirati police are hunting men and women who cross-dressed during celebrations in Dubai for the national team’s triumph in the Gulf Cup of Nations last week.

Thousands of fans took to the streets across the country on January 30 in convoys of horn-blowing cars, causing huge traffic jams, after the United Arab Emirates’ 1-0 win over Oman.

Dubai police chief Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim said several people were called in for questioning on Monday over reports of “alleged public misdemeanours at the parade”, newspaper Emirates Today reported.

The police had registered many cases of men dressed as women, as well as women dressed in men’s clothing, he said, without giving numbers.

“Any man who wears women’s clothes and imitates women will be penalised as per the UAE laws,” Tamim said, adding that the same applied to women “dressing up as men and imitating male behaviour”.