Unraveling Michelle – The Documentary

“Unraveling Michelle” The Documentary

Dan Shaffer

Two years ago, prominent East Coast independent filmmaker and seemingly consummate “guy’s guy” Joe O’Ferrell had something to tell the people around him. Loading up his cameras in order to catch it all on tape, Joe turned to his crew and matter-of-factly revealed to them that he’d led a secret life as a woman on numerous occasions throughout his life and that he now intends to start becoming and living as a woman full-time.

Thus the journey began as Joe – who would soon change his name to Michelle Ann Farrell – prepared to undergo the first of a series of feminizing surgeries and treatments to transform his body into that of an attractive woman. Michelle soon realized that the physical alterations can be all but a piece of cake compared to the momentous task of re-introducing herself as her feminine persona to everyone she knows – including those people who have come to identify her for sometimes decades as a son, buddy, talented cameraman, respected business leader, and ultimately a male role model, who out of the very depths of a life mired in drugs, made something much more of his/her life.

“Unraveling Michelle,” the feature-length documentary, delves head-first into the gender-bending highs and lows of Michelle’s male to female metamorphosis through the eyes of those closest to her during the process.

Unraveling Michelle has screened at the DC independent Film Festival and will screen at Artsfest Film Festival in Harrisburg PA. on May 26th and will also screen at Rosebud Film Festival in Arlington VA. on June 14th. Hope to see you all there.