URNA Announcement: Change of Ownership

The Change of Ownership of URNA is complete. Ownership of URNA is now in the hands of Pamela, who will be able to devote a lot more of her time to URNA than I’ve been able to over the last year. Pamela has been slowly familiarizing herself with the Administration of the site and little by little, she’ll be taking it over from me. I plan on remaining active on URNA and will help out with Administering URNA until such time as I’m told my assistance isn’t needed any longer. With Pamela taking over I have very high hopes for the future of URNA.

And now, a few words from your new owner, Pamela

I want to start by thanking Jon for making something as special as URNotAone. This site means so much to so many over the years. It helped those who needed support as well as being a fun place to chat. The fact that URNA remains a strong community after all these years is a testament to the people here and to Jon.

The Trans Community is diverse with each person having their own needs, challenges, etc. We range from occasional cross dresser to post-op women. Our community also includes family and friends. We are not one-dimensional in spite of the way society sometimes defines us. We are no better and no worse than most people. We love. We hurt at times. We struggle. We laugh. We cry. In all ways we are human. Several times recently in chat, I have heard comments like “you all seen so normal”. It’s true, we are normal folks, but life threw us a curve.

Jon asked me to say a little something about me. I think the shortest version is I have spent a lifetime trying to be one person. There was the outward me I presented to the world and my true self. I retired early a few years ago with idea becoming a singular person, integrating the parts into one existence. You could call it a transition, but to me it is more about becoming whole. To be honest it has/is going slowly, but baby steps are good too.

My vision for URNA is to continue to be a portal for the Trans Community. Hopefully not too long away, there will be more information resources, an improved chat, and maybe an employment bulletin board. Any suggestions are always welcomed.

Last, in the end, the strength URNA is its members. My commitment is to the members and to our community by using URNA to provide support where possible.


And a few more words from me (Jon)…

URNA relies on Subscriptions to fund the site. It is not an inexpensive site to run. URNA runs on 3 Server’s dedicated to the site and they all have monthly costs. There are also costs involved in purchasing software, like the software for the Chat Room and costs for purchasing Data, such as the Data that allows you to put in your Location and other assorted software used to manage the site. Advertising brings in a little money, but the brunt of the money that funds URNA is through Subscriptions purchased by our members. Please, if you value the site and you can swing it, purchase a Subscription. As I’ve mentioned before in posts, URNA has never done much better than break even. In addition to the costs of running the site, it takes a lot of time and a lot of energy to Administer the site. Please, show your support and purchase a Subscription!