URNA Chat Room Terms and Conditions

Updated 2007-07-25 by Jon, Last Updated 2015-03-10 by Pam

URNA Chat Room Terms and Conditions.

You must agree to these Terms and Conditions to use URNA Chat Rooms.

This is the Definitive Guide on how people should behave / not behave in URNA Chat. Please review this Article regularly for changes to URNA Terms and Conditions.

First, and most important, as of October, 2006, a VISIBLE Profile is required to enter URNA Chat. The profile does not have to include a picture, but you must have at least a Bronze or Silver level Profile. This is to ensure accountability and to enable us to track and control trouble makers while making the room friendlier for URNA Members.

Let’s start with what is inappropriate in URNA Chat Rooms…

1. Violent or Extremely Aggressive Behavior – Anybody who threatens or harasses someone in URNA Chat Rooms will be Booted.
2. Soliciting Minors – Pedophiles are Not welcome in URNA Chat Rooms. We don’t care if it’s Role Play or Serious, discussions relating in any way to Sex with Minors is Forbidden and will Not be tolerated, period.
3. You must be 18+ to use URNA Chat. There are too many liability issues if Minors are allowed into URNA Chat Rooms.
4. Exceptionally Offensive or Rude Behavior. If the majority of People in our Rooms are being offended by your Topic of Discussion you’ll be asked to change the topic and, if you insist on continuing and offending others in the Chat Room you will be booted. Use your common sense, anything Patently Offensive to the Majority of People… things like Bestiality, Bathroom related bodily functions… things that are Offensive to the Majority of people will get you booted. Politics, Religion, Sports, Sex and/or Sexual Preferences do not fall into this category. Having said that, use your judgment, if you see you’re offending people, change the topic and the room will remain a Friendly and Fun environment for all. If your topic of interest is offending people and does not violate URNA Terms and Conditions, you can always create a room with the Private Chat option and invite people to join you.
5. Any role play that puts one in the role of Adult and one in the role of Child will not be tolerated in URNA Chat. If that’s what you’re into, you’ll have to role play somewhere else. Even posting anything that remotely suggests Sex with Minors will not be tolerated. Suggestive names like Daddy4littlegirl, will not be tolerated. Use your common sense, it should be obvious what we mean by this.

Respect people’s right to talk about what ever topic happens to interest them… including Politics, Religion, Sports and Sex or Sexual Preference… it may not be a topic that you’re interested in, but we do not censor the Topics of Conversations so long as you’re not offending the majority of People in URNA Chat Rooms.

The name you enter the Chat Room with will be other people’s first impressions of who you are. If you enter URNA Chat Rooms with a name like Big8InchCock, rest assured, everyone will realize you probably should have entered with the name Little2InchCock, and most will just consider you a Loser and treat you like one. Don’t be a jerk and think about the name you’re going to enter Chat with. If the name is particularly offensive, for example: ScatLover or FagHater, you’ll be booted for that reason alone. Again, give some thought to the name you choose Before you enter Chat.

One other thing regarding names. If you enter the room with a name like URNA_Admin or a name that would lead people to believe you are a member of URNA staff and you are not, you will be asked to change your name. If you don’t you’ll be booted.

Differences of Opinions. People are entitled to disagree with others in the room, and they are entitled to disagree with us. Unfortunately, arguments are inevitable in a chat room. Abusing URNA Chat Room Monitors will Not be tolerated. If one of URNA Monitors asks you to change your topic of conversation and you feel you’re not out of line you’re welcome to save the Chat Session Transcript and send it to us. You can do this by choosing: choose Save Conversation, copy the relevant portion to your email. Once you’ve saved the Chat Session Transcript, highlight the part of the conversation in question and send it to admin@urnotalone.com. We will review as to whether or not you were being treated fairly. We will respond.

Swearing or Offensive Comments. We all swear, at least most of us do, but… if you are continuously typing things that are patently offensive, if you do it repeatedly and you continue after being Publicly Warned to stop you will wind up booted. An example of something I’d consider patently offensive would be statements like:
You are all Fucking Disgusting and should be Shot
You people are Abominations and will all Rot in Hell

Statements that are made to deliberately offend, to deliberately cause pain or to deliberately annoy everyone in the room are Not acceptable behavior. If you have a problem with Transgender people…URNA Chat Rooms are not the place you should be.

It is not required to speak English in the Chat Room. However, if you are using a language other than English and someone that understands the language you’re using points out that you are violating these Terms and Conditions, as with the English speaking Chatters you will be removed from the room.

Models and Escorts are welcome in URNA Chat Rooms provided they are in the Rooms to Chat and not to “Do Business” or to “SPAM” the Rooms. Models and Escorts are not welcome to Park themselves in the Room without participating just so people will click on their name and go to their sites… especially if all you do is type a URL in over and over… that is a form of SPAM and is not welcome. If people try to strike up a conversation with you and you don’t reply after numerous attempts then, if the room reaches capacity, you’ll be the first to be kicked to make room for others that want to actively Chat. If they Actively participate and someone asks for a URL for info or to learn more about you, you’re welcome to respond with a URL… but… if every 20th line in the chat room is the same person posting the same URL ad nauseum… you’re SPAMing our Visitors and you will be booted. We prefer that you put you URL in your URNA Profile. If someone is interested in you, they can choose User Profile and then following the Link from there.

Related to the above. Typing the same Verbiage over and over again is annoying. Things like… Looking for phone, PM Me… or Looking for a Hot Date in Boston, if typed over and over again will get you a warning to stop. If you don’t stop typing the same thing over and over again you’ll wind up kicked and then banned.

Competitors are also welcome in Our Chat Rooms… as with Models and Escorts, above, the same rules apply. If you’re here to Chat, you’re welcome in URNA Chat Rooms, if you’re strictly here to SPAM Our Rooms in an effort to Lure people to your site, then you’re not welcome in URNA Chat Rooms.

UPPERCASE Chat. TYPING IN ALL UPPERCASE is considered yelling and rude. URNA Monitors are encouraged to ask people that TYPE IN ALL UPPERCASE to please stop. If you are asked to stop using ALL UPPERCASE, and you insist on continuing to use ALL UPPERCASE, you may find yourself kicked from the room.

Our Chat Monitors are in the Rooms to keep them a Friendly and Comfortable place for all. This is not an easy job, and they should be shown the respect that they deserve. If you don’t treat them with respect you can expect to be kicked from the room. In other words, don’t argue with the Monitors. If you have an issue with a Monitor, send us an eMail to admin@urnotalone.com. Please give a detailed description of the issue and we will review. All URNA Chat Monitors are Volunteers, and they Monitor the Rooms for everyone’s benefit.

Keep in mind, when a Chat Monitor boots someone, they send a copy of the Chat Transcript, via Save Conversation, to admin@urnotalone.com so we have a log of what happened. It won’t help to lie about why you were booted as we’ll have the information in this log, so don’t waste your time or ours with a complaint against a Chat Monitor that is not a legitimate complaint.

Anyone that has a complaint about a person’s behavior in Chat, including the behavior of URNA Chat Monitors, is welcome to bring it to our attention. Just send an eMail to admin@urnotalone.com with ALL of the following:
1. The eMail Subject should read: URNA Chat
2. Send us a copy of the Chat Transcript: choose Save Conversation, copy the relevant portion of the chat and include in the email.
3. Highlight the behavior that you want to bring to our attention, don’t send us a Chat Transcript from your 2 hours in Chat without highlighting the offensive behavior, it’s just too hard for us to dig through.
If you do the above, and we feel it’s warranted, we will 1st speak to the person who the complaint is about and if they don’t change their behavior we will ban them from URNA Chat.

Updated: 2007-07-25 Last Updated 2015-03-10