URNA Fundraiser

Hi there, from your “Team URNA” Staff!

Please, take 5 minutes of your time, read all of the following:

As most know, URNotAlone was purchased from the original owners earlier this year. There were several reasons that Jon wanted to sell the site after 20 years. One reason is that the underlying code is becoming outdated, and the revenues from the site were not supporting the cost to keep it running.

Once the sale took place it became obvious that the site and chat client needed to be updated. As many of you will recall Dan, tried to do this about a year ago, but had to go back to the previous version.

Instead of just updating code, a rewrite of the entire site is in progress. This effort started in early May. There have been many obstacles in the past 4 months, but hopefully, the first phase of the effort will be finished soon. We are adding features – better search, mobile dating app, a forum, a new chat client optimized for mobile – all to make your URNA experience better.

The total cost to rewrite the code will be over $50,000 with none of this cost covered by normal revenues.

Everything is about the numbers!URNA is not here to make a profit, but needs to pay for itself.   

There are 31,000 active URNA profiles, but only 300 Gold Members. The Gold Memberships are the primary revenue source to keep URNA running.

Basic access to most of the site is free, as is Chat. What is needed now is for regular users and chatters who visit multiple times a day, buy a Gold Membership or make a one-time donation. Your support is really needed.

If all of the 31,000 members gave $2.00 (only two dollars!),the update would be covered. We would also have a surplus in a rainy day fund for future needs.

And  that  is  what “Team  URNA”  is  asking  for, $2.00 – from  every  profile, every  chatter, every  member!

We do not feel that is too much to ask for a one time total redo of YOUR site. (And yes, this is your site!)

URNA needs your help!  Two dollars won’t break your budget…..

The following link will lead you to our donation and fund raiser page.

here is a quick link to PayPal

Now before you discount this plea: 

Please consider is having URNA worth: $2, $5, $10? We are there 24/7 for you, for over 20 years. Is URNA worth: the cost of a cup of coffee? A gallon of gasoline? 10 minutes of your time to send a donation?

If you can’t afford $2.00, can you send $1.00? Can you send $10?  $20? Can you buy a Gold Membership?  Everything helps!

Surely everyone  can  give something,  to  help  bring Your Site up  to  a level that  carries it forward  for years to come.

We at  U R Not Alone  do  not  like  having  to  ask  for  assistance,  but  the  numbers  necessary  to  complete  this  upgrade  must  be  met  at least  in  part  by  those  that  the  site  serves  on  a  daily  basis.

PLEASE, take a moment and click the link, select your preferred  method  of  remittance,  and GET  IT  DONE!!!.  We currently accept PayPal and credit cards and bank drafts through PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account to use the link. We also accept cash, and a postal address is available. A few dollars, $2,  $5,  $10,  is  not  too  much  to  risk  sending  it  through  the  mail.  We have options of a one-time payment or a recurring monthly payment.  We  can’t make  it  any  easier  for  you  to  support  your site !!!!

We  are  adding  an  incentive, $100.00 donations get your chat name listed on the supporters list and a one year gold subscription to the site. 

 Watch in Chat for the announcements about this fund raiser.  When  you see it, post back: “I gave and supported my  site” 

The bottom line is this: the rewrite is under way. Over $25,000 has been spent out of pocket. Remember, memberships only cover the costs of daily operating expenses. There is very little left over. URNA operates on a very strict budget. No one is getting rich or drawing a salary. Chat Moderators give time and some give money. Even the owner takes a loss at times. 

It’s your site, always  has  been, always will be, Help support your  site for the next 20 years. Send in your donation today !!!

Yours, “Team URNA”