URNA Staff 2005-04-01 00:00:00

Our March Member of the Month is in. Because we are on vacation in Miami, we decided to announce it a few hours early as we’ll be busy drinking at midnight. Our final award goes to the member with the highest rating who has more the 50 votes. March’s award goes to Karen Reeves!

Congratulations Karen, and thanks to everyone who participated! When we reset the ratings, over 33,820 votes had been cast for those competing! Now its time to start fresh and see who our Member of the Month will be for April.

We will be contacting Karen shortly to see which of our prizes she would like to accept. Thanks again to everyone who participated.

We have listed the final tabulation of the top ten members below for your convenience.

Member Rating Votes
Isabella P Lite 9.1 10
Karen Reeves

8.8 251

8.6 74
Suzi Foxx

8.6 102
Michelle Neiman Marcos

8.6 161
Laura Watkins

8.6 86
Haily Storm

8.6 75
Keri Renault

8.6 115
Cynthia Beth North

8.5 94
Brittany Lynn

8.5 66