URNA Staff 2006-06-01 00:00:00

Our May Member of the Month for 2006 is in. May’s award goes to Pie Concepcion Mendoza!

Congratulations Pie, and thanks to everyone who participated! When we reset the ratings, over 41,789 votes had been cast for those competing. Now its time to start fresh and see who our Member of the Month will be for June 2006!

We will be contacting Pie shortly to see which of our prizes she would like to accept. Thanks again to everyone who participated.

We have listed the final tabulation of the top members with more than 50 votes below for your convenience.

User Rating Votes
Pie Concepcion Me… 9.860 57
Amber Leigh Brown 9.852 122
Alexa 9.831 71
Trina 9.825 126
Stacha Ann Stone 9.820 50
Sarah Myles 9.816 103
Suzi Foxx 9.815 54
Maria Petch 9.808 52
Mimi 9.808 52
Monica 9.800 80