URNA Staff 2006-12-01 00:00:00

Our November Member of the Month for 2006 is in. November’s award goes to Karen Reeves!

Congratulations Karen, and thanks to everyone who participated! Since Jon and I are currently on Vacation together in Puerto Rico, we are unable to reset the ratings. Rest assured, They will be reset as soon as possible and we can begin calculating December’s Ratings

We will be contacting Karen shortly to see which of our prizes she would like to accept. Thanks again to everyone who participated.

We have listed the final tabulation of the top members with more than 50 votes below for your convenience.

User Rating Votes
Karen Reeves 9.731 193
Traci Claire 9.729 262
Melissa Daily 9.712 52
Rachel Df Tv 9.712 80
Carollyn Olson 9.706 68
Jessica Danyelle … 9.705 88
Melina Lisa Santiago 9.699 93
Taylor Made 9.693 101
Michelle Marie Cl… 9.690 71
Alyssa Jahna Leclair 9.689 119