URNA Staff 2007-06-01 00:00:00

Our May Member of the Month for 2007 is in. May’s award goes to Carollyn Olson!

Congratulations Carollyn!

Additionally this month, we are awarding the member who cast the most votes. May’s winner is Kasha.

We will be contacting Carollyn and Kasha shortly to set them up their free URNA Plus Memberships. Thanks again to everyone who participated.

When we reset the votes, there were 54,286 votes in the system. We have listed the final tabulation of the top members with more than 50 votes below for your convenience.

User Rating Votes
Carollyn Olson 9.792 77
Jamie Dailey 9.733 90
Isabel Om?ro 9.722 72
Amanda Dragon 9.719 135
Aleli Morales 9.716 74
Ramona Castro 9.703 64
May Lee 9.701 117
Tara Nyles 9.697 132
Taylor Coxxx 9.693 88
Kimberly Ann Virtue 9.689 61