Vena – ErosZine – Interview by Johnny Homicide – Johnny Homicide

A well-known player on the Los Angeles fetish scene, Vena recently found herself temporarily in Michigan — where she promptly took up residence doing the shows at Detroit’s Mephistos and became part of Chaos Productions, Detroit’s most established agency for alternative acts — fetish models/performers, fire performers, tattooed strippers and go-go dancers.

That should have surprised no one; one of the organizers of the Bondage Ball and a performer at many goth and fetish clubs as well as a model for fetish and transgender fashion, Vena shows no signs of slowing down even when heading East, and finds as fruitful a scene in Detroit as in LA.

This busy model, performer and event organizer recently took a moment to chat with Eros Zine.

Eros Zine: You’ve been involved in the fetish scene in Los Angeles for some time. Any observations on the scene there? Is it really as hopping as it looks from the outside?

Vena: In a word, yes. The fetish scene in Los Angeles has never been healthier. But it’s not just in the clubs and at parties. Over the past few years, we’ve been really seeing elements of the fetish scene infiltrate the mainstream through television shows and in fashion. We’re also seeing celebrities in many of our events now. A few years ago this might have been considered a taboo act but the mainstream is finally discovering how sexy and fun the fetish scene is.

NOTE from Jon: Vena has been with us since the very beginning and we thought it would be nice to Spotlight her Interview with Johnny Homicide of Eros-Zine:) It’s a great Interview and it stresses her as a Person, as a Model and as a Performer, not the fact that she’s Transgendered which is a step in the right direction for all of us.