Vote for the Documentary on Jennifer Leitham: I Stand Corrected

Hi Everybody,

This is a heartfelt request from me to all of my friends and fans. I am asking your indulgence in reading this rather wordy post. Your support in this competition would mean so much, I humbly ask for your votes.

Many of you are aware of the award winning documentary about me that is racking up wins on the film festival circuit. Andrea Meyerson and Stand Out Productions did an amazing job of telling my story, I’m very proud of this film. We are at the threshold of a major opportunity to help push the film out to a much wider audience.

Arclight Cinema has included I Stand Corrected in it’s 2012 Documentary competition!

We have been chosen to compete with a stellar group of amazing films from around the world. The top 5 films in each category will be screened for the public at the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood and will have a chance to win the coveted prize for best documentary!

I am asking for your help in this by casting your votes for I Stand Corrected in this competition. The 5 finalists are chosen on the strength of the voting for each trailer.
Anybody can vote!!!!!! Help push this film into the mainstream!!!

You can vote 2 different ways, please vote twice!

1. Vote on the Arclight Facebook link :

Scroll down to the Social Issue documentaries category. Look for the “I Stand Corrected” title (You’ll see Johnny Carson’s picture on the video). Click on the white box inside the grey box on the upper right to vote.

Here’s the link:

2.Vote on Youtube – watch the trailer posted by Arclight Cinema on Youtube and “like” it there!

Click on the link, sign in to Youtube and press the “like” button under the video on the left side. Your “like” counts as a vote!
Here’s the link:

Thank you so very much!!!

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Here is the film’s Facebook page:
The official “I Stand Corrected” website:

Thank you!