Watch now: Little Britain season two!

When it hit the airwaves in England last year, “Little Britain” became an instant underground cult hit. The second season found the famed BBC comedy series a huge mainstream hit — so much so that at this past year’s “Live 8” concert, creators/stars Matt Lucas and David Williams introduced Elton John to the stage dressed as their “Little Britain” characters, Lou and Andy.

All the unforgettable characters are back for season two: Daffyd, who still considers himself “the only gay in the village,” is back with a bang, coming out of the closet to his less-than-shocked parents; Emily Howard, the “laaady” and world’s least-convincing transvestite goes for tea with an equally unconvincing transvestite; trailer-trash queen Vicky Pollard picks a fight with a shop manager while shopping for candy; and the skit “American Summit,” in which the prime minister’s and the U.S. president’s queeny assistants face off, is flat-out priceless.

The second season is available May 23 on DVD, but PlanetOut members can take a first look at all the skits above right now.