We Three Queens

StyleWeekly.com – by Chris Dovi

Missed the royal visit? No problem. Queen Elizabeth has nothing on our homegrown crown-holders.

So how many queens can you pack into a borrowed 2003 Mini Cooper?

There?s something exceptionally surreal, yet refreshingly exhilarating, about driving a tiny car crammed with three Richmond queens on a day trip to see Queen Elizabeth II while the soundtrack of Mary Poppins erupts from the dashboard stereo.

It?s in this bent mood that we approach Capitol Square May 3 for the arrival of the queen on her first state visit to the commonwealth since 1957.

With hordes descending on downtown for the event, it was likely that neither I nor most of Richmond would get within spitting distance of Her Majesty. So it made sense ? at least to us ? to invite our own queens to come along.