Welcome T Party Columbus to URNA

Welcome T Party Columbus!

One of the changes I hope to encourage is participation of local trans groups within the framework of URNA. I have at times belonged to several groups. Tri Ess Chicago was especially helpful to me back in the mid 80s in getting me out the door for the first time. It was part of the Chicago Tri Ess chapter that I attended my first Be All. 

Many of you know that one active community is T Party Columbus . They have been holding regular social gatherings for many years. I have been working with one of the organizers “SUZI” to set up a profile for their use. After a few fits and starts, it is now active and can be reached “HERE” .

What we hope to accomplish are as follows:

  1. provide a web presence for local transgender groups who might not have the resources, energy, or time to run their own site,
  2. help our members find others in their area for social or moral support/help
  3. sharing of information on what’s happening in local communities
  4. help individuals create their own group identity (having a group of friends when you first venture out, makes the world a less scary place)

If anyone would like to set up a member profile for their local group or organization, please let me know. “Pamela”