What Being Trans Is Like —A Real-Life Story Worth Seeing

refinery29.com R29 Editors

So much of the conversation around transgender people in America focuses on the extremes. We either talk of famous entertainers or share tragic statistics about homelessness and suicide rates. Those conversations are important. But, they don’t represent the vast majority of trans Americans who live and work in cities and towns across the country — people like Hannah.

Hannah is a 30-year-old woman who lives in Harlem, attends medical school, and occasionally gives slam-poetry sermons at a local Jewish organization. She also happens to be transgender.

In this video, Hannah takes us through her daily life. We watch her morning routine, see her neighborhood haunts, and tag along when she goes out with friends. As we do so, she shares with us her thoughts about her gender identity, her transition, and her not-quite-ordinary life.