What is it with straight TS admirers?

What is it with “straight” TS admirers?

Maybe it’s just me, but because I personally am a gay crossdresser, it bothers me when the guy I’m chatting with identifies himself as straight. Assuming they are on TS chat because they like the “extra” unit on a lady, why the denial? TS, unless they are post-op, are male; thus if you get that rush seeing a bulge in a “girls” panties, you are gay! Yes, gay! (Or Bisexual, but you get my drift…)
*Sigh* Perhaps this is the problem? The “gay” word? It’s true that society has pressured gays to deny they’re sexual identities, but why online? There is
no need to hide your feelings when chatting with a guy in a bra and panties,
she doesn’t care, in fact (and I may be alone on this) she would probably
appreciate your honesty.
Being gay doesn’t mean you have to be feminine or queen-ish, there are many
butch gays, so there is no reason to avoid this label just because you don’t
want to be associated with the stereotype, we know not all gay guys are
Everyone has problems and fears and many of us hide these in public—but
when it comes to chat, don’t bother claiming your straight; it’s a turn-off
to some of us. So stop kidding yourself!

– Christi Martin’s stream of consciousness