Why I do what I do

Hello URNA!

This is my introduction… this is the part that is written below my picture on the back paperback cover if I ever wrote a book for URNA. I am completely different from the previous columnist. I am appreciative of her work and words, the time and passion spent on URNA. This is simply a passing of the torch.

I have to be honest, when Pam first asked me to take a shot at writing an “Ask Jenn’ column for URNA, I refused. Go ‘ask Pam’, she’ll tell you that’s the truth.

Why did I refuse? Simply, there is very little way I can be helpful through an ask me a question format. Helping, in some form, is what I have been trained in. Helping is the singular goal that I seek to achieve. Ultimately, I was concerned with causing damage through that ‘ask me’ format… that a reply may be taken the wrong way, or interpreted not as I had intended. A consultive process is an interactive process. It is extrememly difficult to ‘help’ in a non-dynamic conversation.

What changed my mind?

I was hesitant to post on my profile that I received my PhD earlier in 2015. Allow me to clarify, a PhD is a Doctorate in Philosophy. It is quite essentially the formal academic acknowledgement of being a lover of education. In reality, it just means you are really good at researching, and in a way, enjoy it. A little tactical knowledge in defending your position helps a little too. However posting how proud that I was to receive my PhD was without a doubt, the best thing that I conveyed to the URNA community. Ever since I posted that, people seem intrigued, it makes me approachable. I think there is a need for me now on URNA.

When Pam asked me to write for URNA, I read my own paper. My words, my feelings, my sentiments. It reminded me, and as I think we should all be reminded, we’re not robots. We’re still human. We are affected by little tugs and pulls by external forces, and intenal forces that go on in our minds every moment. We cry, we are happy, we get frustrated, we get down, we are elated, we are vindicated sometimes. Sometimes, on very special occasions, we feel relieved from something that has burdened us. It also reminded me that I care.

That is what changed my mind to write for URNA. That possibly, I can be a guide. Or, a silent partner in a difficult situation.

Reaching out engages me, it makes me excited! In return, I hope to engage everyone. I write personally, with passion, dedication. With an extra dose of care and compassion.

So, with a little humor, a personal voice, and some common sense, I hope for some really great experiences. To me, that is more important than anything I can say. I am exclusively here for the members of URNA. However that’s not written in stone. My help and guidance is open to anyone.

I promise to write on current, and trending topics (like seriously… what color was the dress?????) Also, I promise to write on some tried and true topics that never seem to go away.

Ultimately, that’s what I do… help.

So interestingly enough, this is my first article for URNA.

Jennifer Carron

(Editor: Pam – Hopefully, Jenn will be one of many original content providers for utnotalone.com. In addition, I hope to have a forum up and running soon to allow for the easier exchange of information, ideas, politics, real life, etc. With the rewrite of the site, she will have her own byline. Please send Jenn your thoughts, issues, comments, questions…)