Why Vacation Sex Is So Important

refinery29.com – June 22, 2014

Maybe you have six roommates — or a three-year-old who throws screaming fits about putting on “real” clothes instead of pajamas. Maybe you and your partner are workaholics, or maybe you’re broke. Maybe you’re angry, or stressed, or sleep-deprived. There are a lot of reasons you might need a vacation…and improving your sex life could be one of them.

At home, sex can become part of the daily routine. Susie Bright, well-known sex-positive feminist and public speaker, says that “familiarity with your lover is what initially makes sex really good.” It’s true that sex often gets better after the first time (when everyone is all awkward fingers and exploration). Over time, however, sex can get short shrift. Montreal-based sexologist and counselor Mylene St. Pierre says, “It’s difficult to feel sexy when you have babies at home who require constant attention, or when stressors like work and health get in the way of getting ‘in the mood.'” And, although there’s nothing wrong with scheduling your sex life (Fridays at 9, perhaps?), that can start to feel stale.

Luckily, there’s vacation.

Taking a trip together can add the exact-right amount of excitement to a couple’s familiarity, for a lasting sex-life boost.

(Editor: Pam – balance in life is important, sometimes you just need a break)