Women’s Tights for Men


Many crossdressers will come across the same issues when trying to create the best feminine look and a more-curvy figure to go with that perfect little black dress or new skirt and here we address some common problems and how the right hosiery can really accentuate the ensemble.

Skin Tone

There are several important factors to consider when choosing a pair of tights and these include skin tone and skin flaws.

For the summer sheer tights are a great option and these are available in a range of colour tones. It is important to match the colour with the natural skin tone of your arms and face just like you should if you use foundation on your face. The purpose of sheer tights in the summer is not to change the colour of your legs but simply to even out the skin tone to create one smooth uniform colour.

A standard pair of sheer tights will not cover up skin flaws such as scars and veins though. In this case you could try a pair of 20 denier tights which are still pretty light and sheer and choosing a pair with a shimmer will deflect the eye away from any imperfections.

Shaved and Unshaved Legs

Choosing the right tights to match your outfit is an essential part of making your look complete and as tights come in all shapes, sizes and styles there are many options available.

Many crossdressers choose not to shave their legs for many reasons such as participating in sports or other activities with family members or friends who are unaware of their crossdressing. This can create a problem when trying to create the perfect feminine look when wearing tights or stockings. Tights can be the perfect answer to hide those unshaved legs and by simply choosing a high denier thicker pair of tights legs will appear smooth.

Thick black tights or high denier coloured tights will cover up unshaven legs completely giving the desired look, block colour tights do not work so well on open toe shoes or sandals so they should be paired with boots or stilettos. Leggings also give the same desired effect and with a choice of printed and colourful leggings available there are many options to make the look really stand out.

Higher denier tights work well in flesh tones too to give the illusion of smooth legs and to achieve the best look they should be worn with a second pair of low denier tights over the top. Fishnets or patterned tights work well over these as well as sheer tights as they give the look of simply wearing the top pair of tights with smooth legs underneath.

Shaven or hair free legs can be accentuated with silky stockings or sheer tights and the high gloss look of satin style tights will give long lean lines and a more delicate look to the shape of the legs.


Shapewear can be the ultimate secret weapon for getting that perfect hourglass figure and it comes in all shapes and forms so you can choose one to suit the outfit you are wearing.

A high-waisted pair of slimming pants will cinch in the waist and slim the thighs giving the illusion of curvier hips as well as flattening the tummy and are a great choice for wearing under dresses or tight fitting clothing.

A number of tights and shapewear clothing items include a bum lifting effect giving a great side profile look of a pert bottom which is fantastic for jeans or long dresses.

Another great product for the perfect curvy look is the Aristoc Hourglass Toner tights which give a toned and more-curvy look to the waist, tummy, bottom and thighs for an overall hourglass look which can be finished off with a pair of stilettos to lengthen the legs. These tights end just under the chest to tone the shape the whole figure so they are perfect for strapless dresses.

Whatever the outfit, the right pair of tights or stockings, as well as shapewear, can really finish off the look as well as add all those desired curves in all the right places. Tights are the perfect way to add glamour and interest to any ensemble and with inspiring styles and patterns there is as much choice in women’s tights for men as there is in the actual outfit so you can have fun mixing and matching for the perfect look.

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