6 compete in IUs first drag king competition

IDSNews.com – By Michael Reschke

Male impersonators judged on basis of onstage interviews, talent competition, costumes

The words “If you were a woman and I was a man” blasted from the speakers in the McNutt Quad Flame Room Thursday night, while Miss Gay IU Vanessa Vale kicked off OUT’s first Hoosier Daddy Drag King Competition.

Six female IU students dressed as males to perform and answer an onstage question for judges and a large crowd.

“The crowd is already better than the first two years of Miss Gay IU as far as audience attendance,” said judge and previous Miss Gay IU emcee Vicki St. James before the competition.

Vale hosted the event where six contestants were judged in three categories: onstage question, costume wear and performance. Six judges looked for qualities, such as confidence among the contestants.

“I’m looking for someone who puts across a good illusion and leaves behind their female persona,” said St. James, who said she was also interested in the contestants’ answers to their onstage questions. “I want someone who is well-spoken, because they will be representing me and the rest of the GLBT community.”