AP Portrayed Rudy Giuliani as Cross-Dressing and Gender-Bending While Knocking Conservatives

NewsBusters.com – Posted by Lynn Davidson

There?s another snide article about Rudy Giuliani in a dress. In the past, the media have gleefully reminded America that Rudy Giuliani has worn dresses during comedic performances such as the one on ?Saturday Night Live,? but this April 14 AP article that appears on MSNBC took a different tone, one that leaves the reader with the impression that Giuliani is a transvestite. Along with a big picture of the former mayor ?dressed in drag,? as the caption put it, the article elaborated in great giddy detail each time that Giuliani wore a dress or a costume like this:

It is difficult to shock New Yorkers, yet Rudy Giuliani teetered close to the line when he sauntered onto a stage wearing a platinum-blond wig, a face full of makeup, dainty white gloves and a frilly pink gown filled out in all the right places.