License to slur? – By Tony Hicks

Howard Stern makes fun of the developmentally disabled. He’s repeatedly featured a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan as a guest on his show, allowing the N-word to soar about like golf balls on a driving range.

Stern hasn’t lost his top-rated radio job. (Well, not lately.)

Charley Barkley ridicules people of all colors and sizes. He once tossed a man through a window and said his only regret was that it was from the first floor. He recently admitted he has a gambling problem and once tried to spit on a heckler, hitting a little girl instead.

He’s still one of the most popular basketball analysts on television.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s colorful past includes once allegedly claiming admiration for Adolph Hitler, admitted drug use and unusual sexual antics, frequent dismissals of opponents as “girly men” and groping allegations.

California has elected him governor. Twice.