Ask Jane, Column 13

Dear Jane,

I am a young transvestite who is only able to dress on a part-time basis. This is because my previous girl friend was against my dressing and right now I live at home with a family that is not very accepting.

I have read about feminine hypnosis a few times but am not really sure what it is/or if it is worthwhile.

If this was something that would allow me to experience some time as a woman every day or would actually help turn me into a woman. Haha, something like a mental version of female hormones.

What are you feelings on this and would you have any recommendations of a good version of this? Thanks so much, Jane.


Gennifer, good morning. Wanting and needing to feel like a woman in a world that expects (and demands) a guy to be a guy is the challenge of most everyone in the URNA community.

I spoke with a good friend about your question because I knew he had faced coping with his need to crossdress in his marriage with a nonaccepting spouse.

He said, “I’ve tried [Gennifer’s] route, using hypnosis to enter this private world of mine. Using my mind to embody my feminine self, if only mentally, was powerful and I feel it helped … for awhile.”

Ultimately, he said, he needed to physically express his femaleness as well. He recommended you try it to see for yourself, and offered a site he’s used, although there are others as well that you can find on a search engine: WarpMyMind.

I frequently use self-hypnosis myself in order to deal with the stress of my husband’s and my painful breakup. I find it of some, but limited, value. When I’m doing it, I’ll take my mind to a quiet spot on a sunny beach, listen to the hynotic rhythm of the waves, feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. It’s okay as mind trips go, I suppose … better than nothing, definitely.

But still, it’s limited, because the physical experience offers satisfaction that my mind can’t replicate. This has to be true of crossdressing as well. For instance, while, in my mind, I can imagine holding a mai-tai, nothing beats holding one in my hand .. and drinking it.

xx Jane

P.S. This friend I refer to is currently divorcing. He’s found that the most effective means to enter his world of femininity is to have personal relationships with people who accept his need to express this side of himself.


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