Assault Suspect Caught Running On The 163

An assault suspect risked his life fleeing the scene as he ran into traffic along highway 163 Friday.

Judah McBreairty, 26, was arrested after allegedly attacking a man in a canyon near Balboa Park before being taken into custody along the 163 at Richmond.

According to San Diego police, McBreairty, who is a transient, attacked another homeless man with a flashlight around 10:30 Friday morning.

“He came up behind the victim and hit the victim on the head with a flashlight. He then fled,” an officer said.

Friends of the victim were able to identify McBreairty, who spends much of his time in the canyons of Balboa Park.

Using a police helicopter and K-9 units, officers eventually found the suspect in the park, but McBreairty ran onto Highway 163 and allegedly attempted to steal a car before finally being arrested in the northbound lanes.