New gender in one go – Sanchita Sharma

New Delhi – Last week, 25-year-old marketing executive Shruti Srivastava told her family she was going out of town for a week. She lied, with reason. She went to a hospital across town to become a man. Usually done in stages, this is the first time the complete female-to-male sex reassignment surgery was done at one go in India.

Shruti underwent a successful sex change operation at Delhi?s Sitaram Bhartia Institute on January 20. ?I don?t have to pretend to be a man anymore. I can finally marry the girl I want to,? says Shruti-turned-Sunil.

Sunil?s college sweetheart Shweta Jain stood by him all along and was his only visitor in hospital. ?We both decided to go ahead with the surgery because we wanted to get married, but it would not have been legally possible until one of us was a man,? says Sunil. A team led by senior consultant urologist Dr SV Kotwal operated upon him.