Butch is a noun

SoVo.com – By Zach Hudson

Author S. Bear Bergman redefines gender identities with new book

In author and gender theorist S. Bear Bergman?s mind, the lines of gender distinction don?t stop at male and female. In fact, in ?Butch is a Noun,? Bergman?s new book, the author stipulates that sexual assignment, the difference between male and female, has little to do with gender. According to Bergman, the differences between male and female travel a continuum between masculine and feminine, or butch and femme.

?That title is about making the distinction between the use of butch as an as adjective in talking about a butch woman, a butch haircut, a butch truck ? whatever ? and bringing butch into the realm of a gender in its own right. We talk about man and woman as genders and then we talk about people being transgender, and what that means. And then we have this one word, transgender, which means every one who is neither man nor woman,? says Bergman, who identifies as a ?transgendered butch.?