Chile: Confessed Transvestite Killer avoids jail

Impunity A Common Factor In Transgender Murders

As far as murders go, the death of Andrea Sanchez ? fatally beaten in her Calama apartment by a man who had just bought her sexual services for 2,000 pesos (less than US$4) ? seemed to be a fairly cut and dry case.

The man who repeatedly hit Sanchez, smashed her head against a wall and then mercilessly kicked her, was arrested at the scene of the crime.

V?ctor Vicencio Mar?n, the attacker, spent the next three days in jail, but then went free after paying US$1,000 in bail. ?Turns out it?s cheap to kill a faggot,? he was quoted as telling reporters upon his release. At no time since the Nov. 12, 2004 attack has Vicencio ever denied what he did.

Despite the killer?s admitted guilt, the case dragged on for nearly two-and-a-half years. Vicencio was able to hire a private lawyer. Ana Sanchez, the victim?s mother, was not.