Control Tower & Kink Calendar – By Mistress Matisse

Games People Play

Ring ring!

Caller: Hello, Mistress? Do you do forced feminization?

This is one of those calls where I have to make a choice: I can just say no and end the call, or I can try drawing this man out and see if he and I can find some mutual ground. But he’s off to a bad start, because I actually dislike both the term “forced feminization” and many of its implications.

Forced feminization, if you don’t know, is an erotic humiliation game where a male submissive is “forced” to dress up in women’s clothes?and sometimes a wig and makeup, too?while he protests and pretends to resist. For these guys, the mistress crossdressing them is a punishment or a demonstration of her cruelty and dominance.

Now, Tim Curry had a formative effect on me in my adolescence, so I think boys in drag can look pretty sexy. I like guys who dress up because it’s so extra-naughty and taboo, or because women’s lingerie is silky and feels good against their skin.