Dana in gay club in Istanbul


!F (Istanbul Independent Film Festival) is taking place in between 15-25th February. The festival’s gay and lesbian section, ‘Rainbow’, has a surprise guest for its party this year which really suits the name of the section. Famous Israeli transsexual singer Dana International is going to take the stage at Love (gay club) on 23rd February.

For those who don’t know, let’s remind you who Dana In ternational is. She won the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest with the song ‘Diva’. After winning she became a hot subject for both the Israeli and world press. Radical religious Israelis were upset that Israel was represented by a transsexual. Of course those criticisms didn’t stop Dana. The shows kept coming. She toured around the world and even covered Barbara Streisand’s ‘Woman in love’ in a great way. More importantly, she’s an important figure for the gay world. For a start she’s treated like a diva after winning the Eurovision Song Contest. That’s why !F Istanbul, when the clock hits 12, will show that it has organised a party that will be very much talked about. A few details about the night for those interested: Dana International will come on 23rd February night, will perform her show (expected to last about 45 minutes) and will return in the morning with a flight. She will be assisted by 4 male dancers.