Search ends on stage – By Teresa Mallam

Travis Shaw, 21, is openly gay but spends a lot of time in the closet. That?s because the Prince George entertainer has a ?killer? wardrobe that any fashion diva would envy, and trying to decide what to wear on any given day takes time.

?I usually start thinking about it the day before I am going somewhere. Before coming here [Free Press] I was just about out the door, when I decided to change again.? No wonder. Shaw?s closet at home is filled with short, sexy Victoria Secret type tops, dozens of pairs of pricey designer jeans, lots of purses, gloves, hats, gaudy jewelry and accessories. And probably 40 wigs in all lengths and colours.?

His search for identity began ten years ago.

?I always knew that I was different but one day at school this guy called me a faggot. Then it clicked. After that everyone in town knew I was gay. Later in high school, another gay guy heard about a contest and thought it would be fun to enter. I was very naive – I still am – but when he said, ?you?ll be in the newspaper if you win,? I was in.?