Dan’s Coming To Boston! (Jun 20-23)

What are you doing the weekened of June 20th? If you are in Boston, you should consider swinging by Jacques Caberet and meeting Jon, URNA’s founder, Vicky, and Dan, URNA’s webmaster.

That’s right. After four years, Jon and Dan are finally meeting face to face in the Best and Oldrest Transgender bar in Boston. So much has been happening with URNA that we’ve finally decided to meet and start laying out the “Grand Design” of the site. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t have time to lift a few pints and meet the Girls, Admirers and Friends in the city!

Odds are, we will be a Jacques Friday night, and on Sunday night, Dan and Jon will be at Jacques (Unfortunately, Vicky may not be able to join us Sunday) so please, drop us a line, or just come on down and say hi. We’d love to meet you!