The Boston Conference (Why you should care)

It only took four years, but Jon and Dan finally met face to face in Boston, the weekend of June 20th. Aside from the numerous and casual visits to “Jacques” and “Manray” in Cambridge, a lot more was going on then just a simple visit.

URNA’s founder (Jon) and it’s webmaster (Dan) had an opportunity to lay the ground-work for the shape of URNA, present and future. There are a LOT of changes coming in the next year, so brace yourselves (but they are all good!).

Only three years ago, URNA was a site that lost Jon money, and took up way too much of his personal time. Now the site is actually turning a small profit, enough so that Dan is strongly considering quitting his day job and devoting himself full-time to running the site.

That means, new FREE features, new sections, more interoperabilty, and the list goes on. How would you like to be able to list your own events and have them available in a searchable calendar? Maybe you would like to give visitors to your profile the ability to post comments, about you, or even rate your profile? How about an extensive online index of Transgendered resources, everthing from where to buy clothes, to doctors in your area specializing in Hormone Therapy or SRS. Woudn’t it be incredible to attend a URNA sponsored event in your very own city! All of these things and more are in the works!

What can YOU do to help? It’s simple. URNA is a site devoted to “quality” over “quantity”. So many sites, claim to have tens of thousands of Transgender listings, but in reality, only a handful of them are from real, honest people. URNA may only have a few thousand profiles, but when you compare the quality of the postings we allow to that of other sites, you can clearly see who the leader is. Towards those ends, we merely ask that you help spread the good word about URNA. Post a link to us on your profile, tell your friends in other chat rooms about us, look for girls on the Internet who haven’t heard about us, and let them know!

We here at URNA feel like we have made a difference for the better in the Transgendered Community, but we don’t want to stop now. There is a world of potential out there, just waiting to be tapped, and you can be a part of that!

URNA, continuing to prove why we are the Number One Transgendered site on the Internet!