DVD Select: Down with the nominations – long live Aldomovar!

BendWeekly.com – by Robert J. Hawkins

Not to disparage the five foreign-language films nominated for Oscars, but Academy members, what were you thinking?

How did you exclude Pedro Aldomovar’s “Volver”? More curious still, how did you nominate Penelope Cruz for best actress for her dominant role in the film, then neglect to nominate the film?

By some perverted logic, did voters decide that the dozens of awards and nominations received by the film around the world were plenty? You know, share the wealth with the less fortunate.

Fans of the iconoclastic Aldomovar have some comfort this week, and perhaps a way to cast their vote with their pocketbook.

Sony Pictures is releasing “Viva Pedro” (4 stars), a box set with eight wonderful films by Aldomovar, and a ninth disc with three insightful documentaries on the director, his films and his life.

While the collection skews toward his most recent films and is more than half the 15 films to Aldomovar’s credit, the collection does not include “Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!” nor “High Heels.” Deal with it. That’s why you have a Netflix account.