Family Doctor By Day, Caberet Emcee By Night – Jeanette Trompeter

For the last eight years, Dr. Steve Lawler has enjoyed a successful family practice in Northfield, Minn.

His patients seem to like him. His nurses and staff seem happy. But for Lawler, something wasn’t right. There was something from his past he just couldn’t quite let go of….

Call it an alter-ego, but this M.D. is in fact a cross-dressing emcee by night.

Lawler is on stage of the Northfield Arts Guild as the cross-dressing, transvestite emcee of Cabaret.

“Every show I do, there’s somebody who doesn’t know what I do in my off-hours and comes up and expresses surprise,” he said.

Lawler acted in high school, but it went by the wayside for college and medical school. Then a couple of years ago, he jumped back into performing, as has joined six shows ever since.

Cabaret is certainly the raciest so far ? he wears a dress, a diaper, and even is stripped down to his underwear during the shows.