Flounce and Strut, but Dont Make Me Over

NYTimes.com – By Jennifer Dunning

Glen Rumsey?s new ?little virtue? is a romp, a mess and a get-together of proudly flamboyant friends. But Mr. Rumsey also creates a complete world in just 50 minutes. It is a slight world, but one that is alive on its own theatrical terms.

Mr. Rumsey danced with Merce Cunningham for six years and is even better known as Shasta Cola, the drag queen. His ?little virtue,? performed by the Glen Rumsey Dance Project at the Danspace Project at St. Mark?s Church on Saturday night, draws from both.

It begins magically. Shadowy figures enter the dark stage. Each carries a flashlight whose beam, glancing down from time to time, illuminates a long shapely leg ending in sexy high-heeled shoes. There is then a blaze of disco lights over the altar that reveals ?girls? of both sexes with shining manes of hair, and ?little virtue? is off and running.