Four years later, Nikki murder still a mystery – By Lisa Roose-Church

Those who knew a Detroit transgender person found murdered in an abandoned Green Oak Township farmhouse in February 2003 still believe someone has information that could help find the killer.

Meanwhile, Green Oak Township Police Chief Robert Brookins said last week that his office continues to investigate the shooting death of Anthony Lionell “Nikki” Nicholas, who was found murdered Feb. 21, 2003.

“We believe the people responsible are local,” the chief said, as the fourth anniversary of the crime passed. “We look at the case with frequency. We’re not giving up on it.”

Jeffrey Montgomery, executive director of Triangle Foundation in Detroit, said Thursday that he is convinced someone has information that could lead to solving Nicholas’ murder.

“I remain convinced to this day that many people who may have, and had, information about this case did not feel safe coming forth,” Montgomery said. “It’s a double tragedy.

“First for Nikki’s family and also it’s a tragedy this happened in a community that doesn’t feel safe,” he said, referring to transgender people.