Frank Moreno on Friend, Anna Nicole Smith – By Robin Leach

For the first time, ‘Evening at La Cage’ female impersonator Frank Moreno has talked about his friendship with Anna Nicole Smith, who died a week ago at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Florida.

Frank, who headlines here on the Strip at the Riviera told LUXE LIFE: “To me, Anna Nicole was one of the most misunderstood celebrities that I ever have had the privilege of meeting. She was a modern day Marilyn Monroe. She had it all; beauty, charm, sex appeal and one of the biggest hearts of anyone I have ever known.”

“Hounded by the media, I’d often go out with her and she’d have to be in disguise. Because of the TV show making a mockery of her life, I don’t think anybody got to see what an intelligent, grounded person she really was. She would always tease me and say ‘I wish I looked like Frank Marino.’ When the truth of the matter was, I think any woman on this earth would have given her right arm to look like her. In fact, over the years, she became the inspiration for many of the hair styles that I wear in the La Cage show. I will miss her very much as I’m sure many people will.”