Fresno High Schoolers Make Transgender History – by Dan Waterhouse

Three weeks after Cinthia Covarrubias was nominated for Prom King at Fresno High School, transgender Roosevelt High senior Johnny Vera was selected by his classmates as this year?s Prom Queen.

When Covarrubias was nominated for Prom King, she made history?and national and international headlines?as likely the first United States transgender high school student to run for a prom title.

Vera also made history as probably the first American transgender title holder.

He was one of three candidates for the Queen title. He said that while he didn?t know Covarrubias, he had been inspired by her to run.

Vera, who stands 6 foot, 4 inches in heels, is well-known on the Roosevelt campus, where he?s also known as Crystal. He is on the cheerleading squad, immensely popular, and a good student.