Gender-Neutral Suites Revisited for 2008 – By Victoria B. Kabak – Crimson Staff Writer

Students will be able to select ?transgender? on housing lottery forms

The system by which transsexual students can obtain gender-neutral housing will be updated beginning with next spring?s housing lottery, the Committee on House Life (CHL) reported at its meeting yesterday.

In collaboration with the Space Assessment Committee, a separate group charged with evaluating available housing, CHL?s subcommittee on gender-neutral housing recently formulated a list of all the suites in each of the 12 residential Houses that are suitable for gender-neutral living.

The basic criterion for a gender-neutral suite calls for each bedroom within it to have a lock on its door. All of the Houses already have suites that fulfill this rule.

Though gender-neutral housing is currently available for students who identify as transsexual, the College is trying to ?regularize that process,? according to Associate Dean for Residential Life Suzy M. Nelson.