Girls Will Be Boys – Andrea Grimes

In a dark, smoky room echoing with the Euro-pop stylings of girl group T.A.T.U., I look up from my beer to see two hot girls making out. Buxom, blond women really sucking face like they mean it. And in schoolgirl uniforms! But these aren’t the half-assed snogs of girls hoping that some frat boy across the room is gonna dig the whole girl-on-girl thing, constantly peeking out of the corners of their eyes looking for somebody who’ll put their pictures on This is not girls gone wild. It’s girls gone gay.

Welcome to Friday night at Buddies II, one of the oldest gay bars in DFW. I am totally a VIP and loving it. I could probably offer the bouncers over at the Candle Room a lump sum (or to hump some), and I’d still be waiting outside all night. But Buddies is the kind of place where everybody knows your name, even if you’ve never been there before, which I hadn’t. But I’ve got a prime spot at a reserved table right in front of the performance space, a cold brew in hand and an all-access view of the Dukes of Dallas, the only drag king show in town and one of the few in the country. They’re kicking off the show with a lip-sync number involving some short plaid skirts.