Malagas Carlos Haya hospital has carried out 172 sex change operations since 1999 – EFE

Sixty-eight operations involved feminizing genitoplasty and 23 patients underwent masculinizing genitoplasty

Carlos Haya Hospital?s Gender Identity Disorder Unit (UTIG) has carried out 172 surgical operations on patients suffering from gender dysphoria (when there is a discrepancy between sexual identity and physical characteristics) since it was set up in 1999.

Of these 172 operations, 68 involved transsexual patients who have undergone genital sex reassignment surgery (feminizing genitoplasty) from man to woman, explained UTIG sources. Another 23 patients were transsexuals undergoing masculinizing genitoplasty, from woman to man, and 50 mastectomy operations have been carried out on this type of transsexual patient. The remaining 30 operations have been collateral to sexual organ modifications in transsexuals.