Halloween Party! October 12th – Sponsered by Glamour Boutique


Friday October 12th, 2012 !

Email For Reservations: jwarrener@aol.com

Glamour Boutique
850 Southbridge Street, Auburn, MA.

Announces that it is sponsoring a HALLOWEEN PARTY on Friday October 12th at the Indian Meadows Country Club, (also known as Acacia Functions), from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m.

The Country Club is a very nice facility and although on Route 9 in Westborough it is situated way back off the main road in a very private and safe setting.

This will be a great opportunity to attend our Ball/Party in your favorite costume French Maids, Little Girls, Cheerleaders, Brides, Grooms, Glamour Queens, Sexy Girl next Door, Hunky Guy, Show Girls, Brides, Grooms, Sports Figures, Cowboys, Cowgirls etc (or those just wearing their favorite attire)– OR JUST GO IN MALE MODE –are all welcome to join us for an evening of fun and getting to meet some great people. (The only limitation is no nudity -please.)

There will be a…
$100 cash prize for BEST COSTUME—
$100 Gift Certificate at GB for SEXIEST COSTUME–and a
$100 Gifft Certificate at GB for most CREATIVE COSTUME.

For those of you who have not been to the country club, there are three rooms in the front section. On the far left is a section usually set up for Saturday weddings–in the center is a room with tables that people can sit and talk at which end is the bar-and on the far right is a decent sized room with a dance floor and tables and chairs for resting and/or watching the dancers.

The website address of the Indian Meadows Country Club is www.acaciafunctions.com .

We welcome any and all CDs, Ts, MtFs, FtMs, Admirers, Etc to party and dance the night away.

The incredible Paula Howard will be our DJ providing the best dance music possible.

Drinks are very reasonable at the club and we will have munchies available too.

The closest motel to the club is Motel 6 which is within a mile of the Country Club. Located on the same side of the street as Indian Meadows. They have great rates and their address information is Motel 6, 399 Turnpike Road, Westboro–508-366-0202.

For those needing a place to change into or out of their outfits, we will have areas available at the country club.

Make up artists will also be available by reservation for those wanting them.

Cost is as follows–If you call or e-mail in a reservation you will only have to pay $10 at the door–or Pay $15 at the door. Parking is free and is within steps of the entrance.

Remember the country club is isolated away from the main street and encompassed by a huge golf course so there is complete privacy for those needing that security.

For GPS users the address is 275 Turnpike Road in Westboro (it is on the western part of Westborough) and please look for the Wendy’s on the opposite side of Route 9 as a guide point. (PLEASE NOTE: there is another Wendy’s near 495 but it is east of the 495 junction.)

The roadway to the country club is on the West Side directly across from the Wendy’s and has a redlight of its own that is there for traffic heading down the long driveway to the country club which is bordered by. There is a BJs behind the Wendys.

For those of you getting off onto Route 9 from 495, it is 4.7 miles to the west on the right side. (Westboro Toyota , then Glick Nissan Dealership and then the driveway to the Country Club.)

If you need more info, just drop me a line at jwarrener@aol.com or call the store at 508-721-7800 or drop on in.

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Email For Reservations