Heavy Metal Transsexual


Rock and Roller Jade Starr has performed at some of Australia’s biggest musi events. She tells the Star about what she calls her average life.

I?m a western suburbs bitch. I was raised in the Victorian suburb of Yarrabah. And ever since I was a child, I?ve wanted to be a female.

In my early days my father caught me many times dressing up in girls clothing and that was subsequently beaten out of me. It was a pretty average male life, pushed into playing AFL from the age of six. Dad wanted me to stay away from anything female but mum let it slide.

By the time I reached high school my mother had died of cancer. I had a feeling she knew about me wanting to be a female when she died.

Dad was under a lot of stress and the divide between us grew. I didn?t want to play sport and got into acting and music. I was performing in the Rocky Horror musical at school, and dad wasn?t happy at all.