Jacques Appeal Hearing

Jacques Cabaret in Boston is appealing the additional restrictions placed upon their license as an outcome of a hearing a couple of months back. The appeal will be open to the public and they can use the support of the community. For those of you who are local to Boston the information on the hearing appeal follows:

May 21, 2003
239 Causeway Street (in the North End)
Boston, MA

For detailed information on the hearing outcome in March, please see my earlier article which I’ve summarized below:

Jacques Cabaret… Licensing Hearing Outcome
Friday, March 14, 2003
By jon@urnotalone.com

Jacques will not be closing. Their hearing in front of the Boston Licensing Board resulted in the following new “restrictions” in addition to the current Midnight Closing time:

1. No re-entry. If you’re in the bar and you leave, you won’t be allowed back in.
2. No entry after 11pm. If you want to visit, you’ll have to get there before 11pm.
3. No open doors. The entrance to the bar must not remain in the open position.
4. A security guard must be outside the bar from 11pm until 2am.