Katrina and Assistance for the Trans Community

We’ve been asked to pass on this information…

Many folks in the community are raising funds and gathering supplies for those of our community that are hurting units due to a darned storm. Some of them have asked me to find out where folks are and what is needed. This is for all Trans folx.

To that end, I’m using the Treehouse’s Forums to centralize the info. The URL is: Betty and Morwens Treehouse

Some folks from the GTA will be helping with distribution in their respective areas.

Contact addy for this project should go here: Gentilly_Lady@yahoo.com

May I ask a little favor hons? Would you all be kind enough to get this info out into Trans cyber? (I have to a Red Cross tonight and pick up some assistance for myself.)

Hugz and Blessings!

TransNewOrleans (in exile)