Impostors / Fakes

We just thought it might be a good time to post an Article on Fake Profiles. This particular Article deals with Impostors who use other peoples pictures and claim them as their own.

If you receive an eMail from us that states something like the following:

Your profile has been disabled for using someone else’s pic, specifically xxxxx (the xxxxx will be a link to the picture that was stolen). If you wish to have your profile re-enabled you will have to send us a picture of yourself holding a sign that says “HI URNA”. Once we get that we’ll unlock your profile and you can then upload an actual pic of yourself and we’ll compare it to the one with the sign… if they’re the same person your profile will be approved.

it means that someone has reported to us that your Profile is a Fake.

If you notice, under every profile on the site, there is a link that says:

[Report ABUSE – copyrighted, stolen, fake, ADULT or abusive].

When someone clicks on this link, they are asked to supply substantiating evidence that the picture is, in fact, a stolen picture and they normally supply this in the form of a link to the actual person’s site and the picture in question. We look at the link and if we see that the picture is the same as the one used on the profile we disable it and send the above mentioned eMail. We don’t do this unless we’re convinced that the photo was stolen. If there’s any doubt we ask for further “evidence” and await it before disabling a profile as we don’t want to accuse someone of being a Fake that isn’t.

Rest assured, if you do post a pic that’s not yours, eventually someone will recognize it and report it to us.

Anyway, the most recent example actually gave us a good laugh and pissed us off a bit at the same time. It went like this…

We received a complaint with the following info:

Subject: (50022) Using Someone Else’s Photo(s)
Connection Info: IP Address changed to protect the privacy of the person who reported it
Submitters Comments:
An admirer with no account. I usually just browse. But this is not cool. Mascha is gorgeous, yet this is a no no. They made her face up in adobe or something, but thats not her at all.
Substantiating Links/Evidence:

So, having received the above, we took a look at the Profile in question and at the link of the person who’s pic she was allegedly using. Lo and Behold, she was, in fact, using a stolen picture. Have a look at the pic that accompanies this article. The pic on the left is the one that was posted with the Profile and the one on the right is the picture of Mascha that was stolen. Granted, the Impostor edited it a bit, but… Same outfit, same wig, same shoes, same amount of stocking top below the hem of the skirt, same lighting, the wrinkles in the fabric on the floor are exactly the same, the photo was taken from exactly the same angle. I mean… come on…

The part of this that was both funny and aggravating is we received a request to delete her profile after she received the notification and in the comment section as to why she wanted her Profile deleted she wrote the following:

“Hey if the poses are the same it doesnt mean the photos are fake, I really truly thought you guys stood out as in a good way but alot of us girls are really finding out this sight is becoming more and more ingnorant then most , i guess thats what happens when a sight get to big they assume to much aswell stop catering to the people that been with them for a long time, Once again if a person does a similar pose as in some other persons picture does not mean the pic is a fake or am using someone elses picture, all i could say is go fuck your self for the ingnorant moranic way you guys handle your shit.”

This is the part that really annoyed us. We work really hard on the site. We do our best to make it a friendly place for all, to treat people with respect and we try to maintain high standards for the site. The site is big, but the company is not… it’s basically Dan and myself. Occasionally one of us might seem a little impatient or be a little less professional than we strive to be when corresponding with people. It’s usually because we’ve had a day where we’ve had to deal with a bunch of Fake Profiles or Complaints about Ratings or things of that nature… so, please give us a little slack if we come off a little less professional than we should on occasion:)

By the way, her email address is for anyone who wants to drop her a note.