Lipstick Conspiracy

Hi everyone. We thought we’d give the spotlight to an up and coming All T-Girl Band out of San Francisco, California. I’ve listened to a few of their tunes off their single Lipstick Conspiracy and their music is melodic, tight and mesmerizing. I love this band and I think you will too! If you’re in the San Francisco Area or if they play in your area, get out there and show them your support and be rewarded with some Incredible Music. They have a really nicely done website, Lipstick Conspiracy, that is definitely worth a visit for some Bio info, Photos, Performance Dates, some of their Tunes and More! It’s interesting to note that the Members of Lipstick Conspiracy met through URNotAlone:-)

Some words from Lipstick Conspiracy’s lead singer Sarafina Maraschino


First, to the best of our knowledge, we are the nation’s only ALL t-girl band. We write our own material, we handle our own bookings, we do our own promotions, and we create our own marketing stuff (website, flyers, newsletter, etc). We are NOT a drag band, nor do we do any lip-synching. We are an original rock band that happens to have four trannies in it. We attribute our success to our unique composition, the strength of our music, the tenacity of our presentation, and our overall professionalism as a band.

Second, a word on our talents. This band is comprised of three lead guitarists; Shawna and Marilyn trade off on bass, and thus there are always two guitarists playing. I typically handle rhythm guitar, but I do perform lead on occasion. Truth be told: Shawna is one of the best lead guitarists in the Bay Area, with Marilyn following on a close second. As for singing, we all sing lead vocals, with me singing lead on more than half of the songs, and Marilyn and Shawna trading off about equally on the rest. Tori sings one. And, we all harmonize, and typically, any particular song has all four of us singing in one way or another. Tori handles all keyboards and manages the drum machine/programming.

Third, this band would not have happened had it not been for URNotAlone. This is how Tori and I ‘found’ each other. That, in and of itself, is an interesting story. Suffice to say, she found my profile, noticed that we were both in the same city, and contacted me. We discussed the possibility of putting together an all-tranny band, and the rest is history.

Fourth, our first rehearsal was February 15th, 2003. That was a year ago. Our first performance was in May, at the San Francisco Sex Workers’ Film Festival. Since then, we have performed over 15 addtional times at some of the premier clubs/venues in San Francisco, including a gig in Hollywood. Our crowds continue to grow, and we are confirmed to perform at Pride this year in Santa Cruz and also in San Jose. It is unconfirmed (as of this writing) as to whether or not we will be on the bill for San Francisco Pride. And, we are in the midst of recording our debut CD on a local label. Titles are still being kicked around, though we will most likely go with “Don’t Tell a Soul!”

Fifth, this is a diverse lot of trannies. One of us has a ph.D, one of us is a Gulf War veteran (’91), one of us is a foreigner, and two of us have kids.


So, in closing, I’d like to say… keep your eye on this band, keep your eyes open for their Debut CD and keep your eyes open to see if they’ll be performing in your area… I know I will:-)